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What we do
Risk, Readiness and Resilience

We deliver integrated responses to complex challenges in high profile, high risk and 'stakeholder rich’ projects, providing a fresh and innovative approach for risk, readiness and resilience.

Our experiences have demonstrated that integrated solutions derive from strong strategic frameworks, involving risk assessment, strategy and concept design. 

By analysing and understanding your risks, we will offer practical solutions to help you achieve robust and resilient outcomes. Our comprehensive readiness testing will then ensure you can implement and deliver your project with confidence.

Utilising our end-to-end planning approach, we can deliver operational readiness and manage the key relationships between mutual partners and the various components of capability, giving you absolute certainty in the outcomes attained.


R3S Global

A world class event, security and crisis consultancy

Our Clients

Since our foundation we have worked with a growing number of influential clients across a wide range of sectors, offering bespoke solutions to meet their specific needs.


We would be happy to share some of our experiences and insights with you, although the detail of our previous client engagements will remain confidential.

Case Studies

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Major International Event
Major Entertainment Venue

What People Say

University, 2016

RS3 Global provided a comprehensive service delivered in a friendly, efficient and highly professional manner. Their approach is pro-active and knowledgeable, and their extensive expertise and experience in ensuring the safety, security and overall resilience of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games added significant and real value to their services. We would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Tour De France, 2014

  R3S Global brought a wealth of experience to the team delivering the UK stages of this year's Tour . Firstly, in setting up and facilitating our testing programme, they were simply amazing taking the wider team of several hundred across many organisations and geographic boundaries from the crawling stage of working together to walking, running and finally sprinting. The facilitation was the best many of us have ever experienced.

They also worked with my team to ensure our broader operational strategy was robust and roles and responsibilities for event time clear. They were collegiate, positive but also good at challenging us when we needed it. A real critical friend.

Senior School, 2016

   We have worked with R3S Global to look at our Critical Incident Plan and their expertise and experience has been invaluable.  Three of our senior staff attended a Managing Crises in Schools Readiness Exercise and from that we came away and undertook a thorough review of our current arrangements. It has been such an important exercise and I cannot recommend R3S Global more highly.  They have a real understanding of this area and how to run realistic scenarios within schools.  The questions they posed made us think and really consider what it would feel like if we were faced with a range of critical incidents.  I think that this was one of the most useful courses I have attended and I think it is something that all schools would benefit from. We have also used R3S to come in to work directly with our SMT and other key staff and will be using them again for further follow up work.



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