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Major International Event

R3S Global provided consultancy advice to the host nation of a large multi sport / multi venue event. This is the first event of this nature being hosted in this country.


The Client’s Problem


The client wished to understand the strategic approach and costs for delivering security at such an event, to a standard that would be recognised and supported by the international delegates anticipated to attend.


There was a need to identify cultural differences in approach, as well as to educate and support the host nation in developing plans that would be acceptable to and ensure the security of the international family.


Services Provided


R3S Global developed a clear strategic security masterplan for the client and ensured it was fully integrated with other ‘functional areas’ responsible for Games delivery.  The masterplan gave a 4-year programme, along with costings and a staffing breakdown for the project.


We also undertook a strategic assessment of threats and risks to the Games and advised on appropriate levels of security required for the Games venues, supporting non-competition venues, hotels and wider facilities.


The Benefits


This work gave clear direction to the host city and allowed for a risk-based, costed plan to be developed.


Noteworthy Issues


As an emerging international nation, it is the first time this nation will host an event of this nature. Balancing the needs of the international community’s expectations against the host nation’s generic approach, required careful management and articulation of the approach to ensure a detailed understanding.

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