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Sport &'s in our DNA

All of our Directors held senior roles in the planning and delivery of the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. As a consequence R3S Global has an unrivaled understanding of the pressures and challenges in the sports and events sector.


This understanding is not only in the safety & security arena, but more broadly across the complex elements of high profile event planning which often requires the management of corporate partners, commercial needs and wider organisational risks.


Plans also need to be co-ordinated with a complex group of stakeholders which will typically include the emergency services, local authorities, safety advisory groups and, on occasions, national government departments.


Our team has operated in these environments for many years and can bring you unrivaled experience and advice to ensure you have minimised risks to all elements of your business operation.


Based on our professional experience we would advocate that the initial approach to any event should be a sound Risk assessment, which will significantly inform your strategic direction and planning.


The developing plan can be refined and assured through various levels of Readiness testing and exercising to ensure you are fully prepared, and your plans fit for purpose.



Resilience is then achieved through a sound, tested crisis management plan and supporting contingency plans and procedures. All this underpinned by a ‘collective understanding’ across all levels of your organisation through the Readiness training and wider briefing.

Our Support to you

We can provide comprehensive products and consultancy covering the areas of Risk, Readiness and Resilience, or a more focused approach in a specific area.


For example, some of our clients have approached us at the ‘Readiness’ stage following the internal development of their plans. They have benefited by utilising our skills and experience to deliver an independent and confidential assessment of their readiness state.


We can provide support to you by:


  • Undertaking a review of your existing capabilities and operational needs

  • Providing strategic advice on your risks, strategic plans, crisis management and contingency arangements

  • Producing scaled and personally tailored exercises to test elements of your operation to build operational resilience

  • Broader 'Command Post Exercises' with your business partners and stakeholders to improve knowledge and understanding

  • Assurance of your overall Resilience state.


For more information download our Readiness and Resilience overview here.

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