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Entertainment Sector

We all love a night out


Keeping visitors safe is always at the forefront of an entertainment venue’s priorities, however it remains a difficult balance between allowing unrivalled access and maintaining the safety and security of those present.


R3S Global can help you balance the competing elements of this challenging business conundrum - of keeping people safe, allowing free access and maintaining high footfall and commercial sales.


Whilst venue safety is rightly highly regulated, until the implelemnation of Martyn's Law, venue security requirements are not. R3S Global will support you in assessing your operational risks at both the strategic or company-wide level, as well as the operational or venue level.


Developing the outputs from a series of ‘Designed Based Threat’ scenarios, we can offer solutions that improve the overall security of your venues, staff and patrons, whilst minimising the impact on existing operational practices and business demands.


We have successfully delivered this service to high profile entertainment venues in London, providing confidence and resilience for Board members and local managers alike.


Our services include (although are not limited to):

  • Bespoke Company / Venue security audits – identifying your current status

  • Provision of Security risk assessments delivered by highly skilled experienced staff

  • Development of Integrated Security Strategies and Programmes

  • Production of Security Operating Procedures

  • Testing and Exercising modules for training

On-going assurance and support

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