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Crisis Management and Security support

to the Education sector

R3S Global is pleased to offer a bespoke service to the Education sector with a focus on crisis management and security solutions.


Delivered by our 'Readiness' team, we will support you in ensuring you are fully ready for the unexpected, enhancing your preparedness and building greater confidence in your response procedures.


Our Services include:


  • A review your existing crisis plans, providing strategic advice on their development

  • Bespoke Training and Exercises solutions, developed to enhance your key staff in the management of any crisis in an open, non-threatening and confidential environment

  • Advice on the impact of social media in critical incident management

  • Capturing the key learning and working with you to identify your development needs, with recommendations for further enhancement.

  • Conduct of an audit of your establishment's Security arrangements - including reviewing the most likely risks.

  • Provision of advisory support in helping you manage your response to significant crises.


All our services are bespoke to each client; we will work with you to ensure any training and exercising is tailored to the issues that concern you.


R3S Global is also able to offer comprehensive risk assessment services and wider resilience support to you in support of any readiness package.

For more information please download this document.

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