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Major national financial institution

The Client’s Problem


The institution recognised that its processes and procedures for dealing with significant disruptive events, often unexpected and unfamiliar, were insufficient for the task. Many of the staff were also unfamiliar with how the organisation would respond.


Services Provided


R3S Global provided best practice advice on their critical incident plan, particularly around information management and methods for linking the strategic (Gold) level to those managing the tactical (Silver) response, to ensure integrated action and decision-making between both levels could be achieved.


We also delivered comprehensive role training to the institution’s most senior executives (c.150), who could fulfil the various Gold and Silver roles during any disruptive event. We helped gain the executives’ much-needed buy-in and familiarity with the new procedures. This led to a major table-top exercise for those trained (c.80) to consider how the new procedures would work in practice during a realistic scenario.


R3S Global provided expert facilitation based on many years of experience handling similar crisis events, through offering constructive challenge on what might or might not work.


The Benefits


A new critical incident framework has been established, having undergone robust scrutiny and testing. With full Board-level engagement and endorsement achieved, this framework has increased the institution’s ability and confidence to respond to disruptive events. An enduring response solution is now in place to fit the current threat profile.


Unusual issues


The strategic nature of R3S’s engagement package helped secure full organisational buy-in.

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