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Major Entertainment Venue

Seen as the world’s leading entertainment location, supported by a large entertainment district of restaurants and bars, this iconic venue clearly presents a security risk. Significant internal development plans adds a further strategic dimension, as does the external development including over 15,000 new homes.


The Client’s Problem


Due to this rapid growth, the client wished to review the existing security architecture and associated operational approach and to undertake strategic and detailed security risk assessments of the venue.


Services provided


R3S Global undertook a detailed review of security measures and provided recommendations and advice at Board (and local) level for future development. All of the recommendations were accepted.


We also undertook a Strategic Security Risk Assessment of the venue, bringing in local and law enforcement partners to assist in the process.


Following this work, R3S Global was further contracted to undertake:

  • Provision of a Security Strategy to articulate priorities, direction and an integrated approach

  • A Detailed Risk Assessment developed on the basis of ‘Designed Based Threat’ scenarios to identify vulnerabilities

  • A series of reviews of specific business activities.


The Benefits


The work undertaken provided clarity and direction to the organisation in relation to the threats it faces and the strategic approach required.  This included Board level engagement, re-structuring of the security department, and the adoption of enduring solutions to current challenges.  Moreover, the work has led to a wider partnership approach to security with key local neighbours.


Anything unusual/noteworthy about work


Given the venue’s security profile and the significant internal and external developments, this work benefitted from the strategic and multi-agency experience of the R3S Global team. Understanding the complexity of partnership working, and the need for confidence and confidentiality, were all key contract requirements.

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